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Learn and experience meditation and mindfulness with BuddhaBoo easy as pie and age-appropriate.

Meditation for kids – age-appropriate, needs-oriented & motivating

BuddhaBoo is a holistically service for children and adolescents in the field of meditation and mindfulness. Our main product is a child-friendly app with useful exercises which help could help out young users to calm down and strengthen their concentration in times of media overload. Gamification aspects, i.e. the use of typical game like components, and Boo, our friendly mascot, help to inspire the children and to establish some kind of continuity.

Boo meditiert schwebend über dem Boden - animiert

Three pillars behind BuddhaBoo

Specially designed sessions for children

All exercises have been developed together with various experts and are based on age-specific skills and interests. Different sessions for different age groups guarantee sustainable success.

Easy to Use – intuitive navigation

The BuddhaBoo app was especially designed for children and offers an age-appropriate content which does not overwhelm. The minimalist design is calming, instead of creating additional stimulation. The handling is literally child's play.

Playfully expand your skills

Game-like elements and the guidance by Boo encourages the regular usage of the app. After all, endurance is the key to success in the meditation practice. Playfully gained achievements on the journey with Boo strengthen the motivation additionally.

BuddhaBoo App Startseite auf dem iPhone

The BuddhaBoo-App

Download the app to your smartphone or tablet now. The app is available for free. Start with the first sessions immediately, learn the basics of meditation and discover the positive effects of mindfulness.

English language available soon!

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