BuddhaBoo-App Library Meditations, Guided Journeys, Sleep-Stories on iPhone X

Learn to meditate: easy, age-appropriate and for free

With our BuddhaBoo-App, every child is able to discover meditation in an engaging way – and quickly benefit from the newly acquired skills. Consecutive exercises teach children in a topic-related and scientifically based way how mindfulness improves everyday situations.

The BuddhaBoo-App can soon be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store and in Google Play Store.

The playful way to success

Game-like elements, packed in a story adapted for children, help to make meditation appealing for children. A transparent points system helps children to experience their own progress and ensures the sense of accomplishment which is so important for children. And the kids are not alone: our mascot “Boo” is constantly growing together with the children. He becomes a loyal companion on the journey through the various activities in the app.


Fortgeschrittener Boo meditiert, äugen geschlossen über dem Boden schwebend
BuddhaBoo App Kategorie Übersicht, Achtsam Essen, Achtsamkeit im Alltag, Lernen mit Boo

Age-appropriate sessions and interesting topics

The BuddhaBoo exercises are developed by various experts and their content is based on the topics which have a lasting effect on children. Starting with stress at school, exam nerves and dealing with specific emotions or conflicts with peers or within the family. All topics are treated in a way which is appropriate for the age group and are explained in a lively and clear way.

Guides Journeys &

Children certainly are not always in the mood for formal practice and strict lessons. Creative guided journeys and calming sleep stories are a welcome change and ideal for children of all ages. The result: the kids can relax, listen to a story, learn something about mindfulness along the way and be in the here and now by concentrating on the story in a natural way.


Boo schläft - Schlafgeschichten helfen beim Einschlafen
Screenshot of the BuddhaBoo-App (Timer)

Individual Meditation Sessions with Open Meditations

For more experienced users or users who want to try meditation without guidance, our open meditation timer is the perfect tool. You can configure your very own meditation by choosing a background sound, the length of your meditation and even a bell sound, which might help you come back to your focus point if your mind started to wander.
The timer could also be used to smoothly drift off into sleep. The sound of a bonfire or gentle waves can have a relaxing effect and help to fall asleep easier.